Yeppoon Formal Location

These are some of my favourite spots in Yeppoon for formal photos, but I am always open to suggestions

When picking your formal session location there are a few things to consider

  • Lighting - due to the time of day formal sessions are held I recommend picking a location with lots of shade. I do not recommend formal photography on the beach, and tend to steer clear of open paddocks etc.
  • Styling - what kind of look are you going for? Bright dresses tend to suit locations without too much greenery, dramatic styling works well with a relatively plain location
  • Accessibility - If you have a car can it get in and out easily. Do any of the participants of the formal session need specific access requirements (flat ground, wheelchair access etc.)

Lammermoor Native Gardens

With lots of shade this is a great option for formal sessions early in the afternoon.

It has a great spot for family photos, and lots of places for photos of the graduates

Kemp Beach Gardens

These gardens are filled with deep green foliage, no matter what time the year, and have lots of shade for beautiful photos.

If you are set on having beach photos this is a great option as we can pop down to the beach for a few quick shots.

Yeppoon Car Park

Well suited for bright dresses and dramatic styling, the carpark offers lots of shaded areas, some cools shadows and some open areas for some bold images

Ross Creek Park

Another well shaded location, the Ross Creek Park has some beautiful fig trees, and also a mural from a local artist. It's nice and easy to get your formal car in and out of as well