Why should you invest in me?

Picking a photographer is an important decision, and it can be a hard one, so I am so excited that you are here! But what sets me apart from others?

It's more than just about clicking a shutter and capturing an image for me. I will guide you through your session so that when you look back on it you will remember the experience for the fun and love, rather than just the photos.

If it's your wedding and you need help to do up your dress, need messages relayed to your partner or just need some hyping up before you walk down the aisle, I am there!

If your kids aren't into their session, don't stress! I am capturing more moments than you realise and I work my butt off to make sure the kids remember their photos for the fun we had, and not with dread thinking about how many times I made them sit still and smile. If you want to see some examples of kiddos who weren't having it, shoot me a message and I can show you how we turned them around.

I'm not afraid to get a bit silly, or dirty, in order to get you the photos you will LOVE!

Have more questions? Fill out a contact form and send them my way!

And if you want to hear from some people who invested in me and loved their experiences, check out some of my testimonials.